Blog_700x400_cost-management We are pleased to announce that our 7.2 update for RingCentral Office, Professional and Fax users, is happening today! This release brings our customers quality business communications with value and flexibility to meet their business needs.

Oracle® Sales Cloud Integration

We have extended our partnership to provide Oracle Sales Cloud customers with enterprise-grade cloud communications capabilities. RingCentral for Oracle Cloud Sales is simple to deploy and manage, and requires no customization or professional services support. Sales agents can answer incoming calls directly from within Oracle Sales Cloud, with everything in one window. Click-to-dial from any phone number helps sales agents save time and repetitive effort, and prevent misdials when making calls. Integration with Oracle Sales Cloud CRM is available for all RingCentral Office customers.

RingCentral for Desktop

HUD In this release, we introduced a new Heads Up Display (HUD) in RingCentral for Desktop to help Office users more efficiently respond to incoming calls and communicate with colleagues. Ideally for receptionists and executive assistants, HUD provides the visibility of colleagues’ real-time phone status, plus effective call management with quick call transfer, conference, and call pick-up. It is easy to manage the display, which the list automatically syncs across RingCentral for Desktop and desk phone. RingCentral for Desktop also extends its FaxOut capability to allow users to add fax attachments directly from a scanner.

Cost Center Management

cost center management RingCentral now offers a new Cost Center Management to help companies manage their expenses for better budget control and planning. With this feature enabled, an administrator can create cost center codes for groups of users, departments, or locations. Each transaction activity for RingCentral services can be assigned to a specific group that aligns with the company’s existing cost center structure. Creating codes is easy and flexible. Companies can also save time with easy bulk upload with predefined codes.

RingCentral Meetings

rc meetings 7.2 In this latest release, we offer exciting features to optimize your in-meeting experience and usability to give both hosts and attendees more capability to control and collaborate during your meetings. We have added the screen share and annotation capability for Android™ users. iPhone® and iPad® users can also co-annotate the shared content from a host or another participant. Any participant can now share an iPhone or iPad app directly from their desktop via AirPlay. In addition, RingCentral Meetings features accessibility support, such as VoiceOver for iOS and TalkBack for Android to assist users with disabilities join an online meeting.

RingCentral Mobile App

We continue to provide a better user experience with the RingCentral mobile app. In this release, users will experience a more intuitive interface when accessing the messages or tools. Office customers now can send a quick text message to 911 for any emergency when calling is limited. Users can also easily set up an audio conference that allows participants to join the call before the host arrives.

[Please note, these features are available for all regions; immediately in the U.S. and Canada, and coming to the U.K. on 6/25/2015.]