On September 13, Google will be hosting the Google Cloud Summit in Seattle. This gathering of executives, users, partners, developers, IT leaders, and Google engineers transcends industries and focuses on innovative technologies that shape the world. Google Cloud Summit Seattle will offer more than 15 sessions centered on cloud vision, strategy, and technical and experiential applications and innovations.

Google’s ecosystem is a primary source of business activity, so we created RingCentral for Google, which integrates your cloud communications with Google and works with the Chrome OS and on Chromebook. Adding business communications to Google’s productivity suite enables Google users to stay focused in Google Workspace, fortifying it as a hub of productivity.

As a leader in cloud communications and collaboration, we’ve formed an alliance with Google to further our mission of enabling today’s modern workforce to work more easily and effectively. To learn more and register for the conference visit Google Cloud Summit Seattle.

As a Silver Sponsor of Google Cloud Summit Seattle and a Recommended for Google Workspace Partner, we are proud to participate in the conference and hope you will be able to attend and connect with us. You can schedule a time to meet with a RingCentral expert, receive a demo of RingCentral for Google, and discuss your unique communications needs.

The RingCentral for Google Chrome Extension has eight integration points, so you are able to make and receive calls from right within your Chrome browser and connect your phone to Gmail and Google Calendar. Your contacts are merged as well, so you can click to dial people and send business MMS and SMS messages in Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Chrome—all without having to do the usual switching back and forth between programs.

For video meetings, you have the option of scheduling Google Hangouts with your merged contacts. Or, if you’d rather hold a RingCentral Meetings conference, you can import files from Google Drive. The same applies when you’re using Glip for team collaboration. You can even send faxes from Google Docs.

The Google Cloud Summit in Seattle is going to be a stimulating and intensive exploration of big data and machine learning, application development, infrastructure and operations, mobility, and collaboration and productivity. These topics are highly relevant to the innovative thinking and methodologies of RingCentral, so we hope we’ll see you at the conference to share ideas, socialize, and learn about one another.