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Why it’s a great time to join RingCentral.

If you’ve been considering leaving the routine and daily grind of your cog-in-the-wheel job – there is no better time than now.  There is no greater reward than working for an industry leader who prides itself on innovation, disruption, empowering customers, and driving results.

I still remember getting a surprise call on a May morning in 2016 from one of my mentors, Mahvish Bari. She told me she just got hired at RingCentral and was working on filling out her marketing team. While RingCentral rang a bell, (a few of my WebEx coworkers had recently left for RingCentral) —I thought, “Why would I ever want to leave the comfortable familiarity of my ‘cozy’ Fortune 500 company?” Clearly, I had grown complacent with the predictability and prestige of working for a long-established, household name brand.

At the time, the primary reason why I made the move to RingCentral was because I have always trusted my mentor and found her genuine affinity for the communications industry inspiring. I had also seen RingCentral win many industry accolades and gain recognition as a market leader. However, during the past year, I learned some invaluable lessons from working in this kind of highly dynamic, challenging, and rewarding environment, which I will carry for life.

Working for an industry leader offers 5 key advantages:

  1. Answer to fewer managers. I’ve had less manager churn and a smaller (and more focused) set of stakeholders at RingCentral. This highly desirable combination enables me to concentrate better and spend more energy on the work that really needs to be done to move the company forward and in the right direction.
  2. Branch out and employ all your skills. Skip the monotony of doing the same thing day in and day out. I have found that RingCentral has a fast-paced and fluid work environment that encourages me to draw from the entirety of my know-how and experience. Your learning curve grows quickly as you work alongside both excellent and eclectic talent. For example, when I recently worked on our new brand campaign, I collaborated with our innovative Mass Media Director whose fresh perspectives and insights empowered me to produce work I didn’t know I had in me.
  3. Be noticed immediately. If you are the type of person who likes to exceed expectations and go that extra mile—RingCentral is the place for you. Problem solving, wins, and successes are always celebrated. We have an employee recognition program called Kudos and, every quarter, top performers get recognized in our All Hands meetings.
  4. Get on the same page with Sales. When companies are exponentially growing, the degree of separation between Sales and Marketing is usually less. There is a more transparent exchange of information and the teams become symbiotic. Because I work in Marketing, getting prospect and customer intel shared directly from our Sales team makes my work far more targeted and impactful.
  5. Take some chances. A great idea is always welcome. At RingCentral, I am encouraged to say what I think is right for the company. And, if it is a good idea, I usually have the green light to execute on it, which is very empowering.

Ready to park the car and jump onboard a rocket ship? Look at RingCentral. We are poised and ready to disrupt a $143 billion unified communications market. Our stock alone is up 70% year-to-date and Synergy Research Group has just recognized RingCentral as the #1 worldwide market share leader in both revenue and subscriber seats for UCaaS.

Peruse our Careers page. There’s a good chance we’re looking for someone with your unique talents and background.


Originally published Jun 28, 2017, updated Aug 11, 2020

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