global office brief blog The rapid evolution of the internet has been an enormously powerful business enabler for organizations looking to the global marketplace for growth opportunities. In combination with speedy, reliable and affordable transportation, which has effectively eliminated distance as an obstacle, the internet has made it possible for nearly any company, regardless of size, to market and distribute its products and services internationally.

Beyond dispatching road warriors to sell and service products abroad, it’s made it feasible for companies to establish actual physical presences in international markets in order to be truly local everywhere.

Of course, challenges remain for companies that want to operate on a global scale but feel local in every location.

Topping the list of challenges for many companies is the need for easy to implement and manage, cost-effective, secure, reliable and regulatory compliant business communications systems. Many organizations that have gone global have deployed on-premise PBX systems in each location to connect their global offices and mobile workers worldwide. But installing and managing local, on-premise PBXs is terribly inefficient and quite costly. It requires that organizations piece together global business communications systems by dealing with multiple equipment vendors and carriers, and to negotiate and manage office-based and mobile calling plans in each region.

In the meantime, both company employees and customers who expect a consistent, high-quality voice, messaging and collaboration experience that reinforces the local feel and experience of the company brand regardless of location are often disappointed or frustrated.

Legacy PBX systems, still used by so many companies, were not designed with globalization in mind. As a consequence, instead of delivering the high-quality, local experience employees and customers want, they tend to deliver headaches.

It’s possible, however, for your organization to deliver a local presence on a global scale and eliminate those headaches. The key is to leverage the efficiency, reliability and ubiquity of the cloud.

We built RingCentral Global Office from the ground up to be a single, integrated, feature-rich, cloud communications system. There was never any discussion of a platform other than the cloud. After all, RingCentral was born in the cloud and is a pure cloud business communications solution company.

Our intention in creating RingCentral Global Office was to make your global business communications system as easy to implement and manage, and as reliable and affordable as possible.

Based on customer responses and on comments from industry experts including Gartner*, we feel we’ve succeeded.

I invite you to learn more about RingCentral Global Office and the numerous business benefits it delivers by downloading the business brief: Global Business Communications Made Simple, Reliable, and Affordable.

You’ll see that there’s no longer any reason to be locked in the PBX closet when your business could be soaring in the cloud.

[* Gartner recognized RingCentral as a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Worldwide report published on September 3, 2015. The report states among other things that “RingCentral is one of the largest global UCaaS providers, supporting more than 300,000 companies,” and that “Users report good customer satisfaction.”]