The RingCentral Strategic Partner team brings our organization together with other leading companies in the cloud industry to jointly develop market integrations to boost productivity for our customers. Look back with us as we celebrate our second anniversary, as well as our team’s accomplishments for 2017.

Quarterly highlights


RingCentral and Okta launched an embedded partnership that allows every RingCentral customer to enjoy the benefits of Okta Single Sign-on and provisioning out of the box. At Oktane 2017, we joined Carvana on stage to discuss how we’ve helped transform the automobile-buying experience by enabling real-time communications with its customers.

RingCentral customers cite sales development and service management among the top drivers in their digital transformation. With this in mind, RingCentral signed a partnership with Salesforce and upgraded our Lightning app. Our joint customer Tuff Shed says that the RingCentral and Salesforce integration greatly streamlines its daily workflow and improves overall productivity.


RingCentral was one of the sponsors of Google Cloud Next 2017 in San Francisco. We joined the Fossil Group on stage to discuss how together we power communication and collaboration for their retail stores in the US and Canada with our Google Workspace integration.


At ConnectCentral 2017, the RingCentral user conference, RingCentral partners Box, Google, Okta, and Salesforce discussed the digital transformations enabled by our integrated solutions. Watch the video.

At the Channel Partners Evolution Conference in Austin, RingCentral and Google discussed the process of reinventing retail. RingCentral also participated in a partner panel that included representatives from Telarus, Coolhead Tech, and Google Cloud.


RingCentral won the Aragon Research Innovation Award for our pioneering partner integrations. Our integration with Alexa for Business demonstrated voice command calling during the keynote at AWS re:Invent.

Key industry trends

We see our growth tied to these key industry trends:

  • Communications and collaboration are merging as segments. Gartner estimates that 30% of phone calls today originate from an ISV partner’s application. By 2020, this number will be 70%. Google and
  • Dial-tone and quality of service will become table stakes for communications in the cloud in 2018. The next competitive playing field is the user experience and how communications are embedded in line-of-business digital workflows. These include provisioning a new employee (Okta and Google), real-time insight on sales productivity (Salesforce), inbound caller ID record pop for service management (ServiceNow and Salesforce), and call recording for regulatory and/or customer sentiment analysis (Box, Google, and Salesforce).
  • Digital workplace. Fully digital processes increase turnaround times, decrease human error, and deliver process intelligence for operational efficiency.

Looking ahead

As we look forward in 2018, you will see even deeper collaboration with our partners to deliver on the digital workplace promise for both users and organizations. Areas of possible development include call transcription, AI-enabled customer support, sentiment analysis, and more.

Thank you to all our strategic ISV partners for a breakout year in 2017. The future certainly looks bright for our partnerships in 2018 and beyond.