businesscall As a small business owner, you know the importance of projecting professionalism on all fronts. It can literally make or break your chances for success in a competitive marketplace. While a smartly designed website, business card and marketing materials are necessary tools for building credibility and presenting that polished image, you should consider taking image-building a step further by ensuring that what your customers and prospects hear when they call your business also sounds professional.

Your phone greeting is, in many cases, the first touch point that you will have with a potential customer. A poor-quality or difficult-to-understand greeting or message can create a negative impression before you even get the chance to speak. This is exactly why a professional phone greeting is so critical.

Professionally recorded greetings are not just for large companies that need vast numbers of messages and prompts. Voice talent can be hired from as little as $50 to record your company’s introductory and voicemail greetings. By doing so, you can obtain valuable credibility that will have a direct and positive impact on your business.

“The world is doing business over the phone and internet,” says Saul Ives, vice-president of development for Snap Recordings, RingCentral’s provider of professional voice talent. “Professional phone greetings and messages, more than ever, give businesses a distinct competitive advantage and serve as a highly important tool for defining a brand image.”

Of course, professional voice talent can be utilized for much more than just a simple greeting. Voice actors can also deliver targeted messages that work with your other marketing and customer-service initiatives. By leveraging on hold messages, you’ll reduce your hang-up rate by encouraging callers to stay on hold while also providing them with compelling information about your products and services.

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