Young people today have grown up in a digital world where the internet has made almost everything – from searching for product information to making a purchase – virtually instantaneous. Equipped with a smartphone and an internet connection, shoppers can easily find and compare products, costs and delivery options from almost anywhere.

Patience needn’t be a virtue when you can have anything you want, from any company you want, on next-day delivery. This is great for the consumer – who among us doesn’t appreciate the convenience of Amazon and other e-commerce sites?

blog images02 Yet, as the experience of a friend of mine illustrates, the rapid pace of the internet age presents challenges for businesses. My friend was looking to rent a hot tub. Delivery of an item this large presented a logistical challenge, so he called the nearest specialist. When there was no answer, he left a message on the company voicemail. But after just one hour of waiting for a response, frustration set in and he placed an order with an alternative supplier.

This story demonstrates just how responsive businesses must be in the e-commerce era. Customers are becoming more demanding – especially younger ones, who have very high expectations when it comes to responding to customer enquiries.

In a recent YouGov survey which RingCentral commissioned, 47 percent of 25-to-34-year-olds said that over the past five years, there had been an increase in the importance of getting hold of companies quickly. In line with that, the proportion that believes a call-back should be delivered within an hour increased from 20 percent two years ago to 26 percent last year.

There will always be a place for voicemail in the business world. Yet in today’s ‘need it now’ culture, it appears that if businesses want to remain competitive, they need to ensure that they’re always reachable to consumers. For this reason, call routing and advanced call handling options like those offered in RingCentral Office will be critical in maintaining a competitive edge.

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