vintagephones So you have a website with search-engine-optimized copy. You’re on Facebook, Twitter, and you diligently update your business blog. You’ve even sent out a press release or two. Yet you’re still not getting as many customers calling as you’d like. Now is the perfect time to consider getting a toll-free number. An 800 number is inexpensive, easy to obtain and has been proven to get business phones ringing.  Here’s why:

It Creates a Professional Image
Your business instantly gains credibility with a toll-free number, since it takes you a step beyond simply a home or cell number. Your phone number is one of the first impressions you give to callers. Shouldn’t this impression be as professional as possible?

It Strengthens Your Brand Image
To truly leverage all the benefits of a toll-free number, it pays to choose a vanity number that your customers can remember. Will the customers of a bookstore remember 1-800-555-BOOK more than a standard local number? The answer is a resounding yes! You’ll have to be creative when choosing a number, as many are already taken, but there are still plenty available that can help your customers remember your business.

It Encourages Your Customers to Call
Why would you make potential customers jump through hoops by forcing them to pay to call you? By having a toll-free number, making a long-distance call is no longer a potential hurdle to dial your business. Whether you have customers in Alaska, Hawaii or any of the other 48 states, you will be reassured that they can reach you without having to pay for it.

It Makes You More Available
Along with a toll-free number, RingCentral’s cloud-based phone system includes an auto receptionist to manage your calls and faxes and lets you customize company greetings, on-hold messages and more. This is not only convenient; it also speaks volumes about your business’ professionalism and how you value your customers.