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Is a Meeting Really Necessary? A Personal Perspective on Using Glip


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Glip-Three-Devices Time is our most precious resource and it should be allocated well.

I believe the best performing organizations are highly efficient with their time. However, this does not always translate to less meetings — sometimes meetings can be highly productive and rewarding events. For example, a brainstorm session about the next breakthrough product feature or a how to improve the customer on-boarding experience are both invaluable types of meetings where some of the best work happens.

So what is time well spent? Well, like the answer to most work questions – IT DEPENDS! You should start to ask yourself just one question – what’s the subject of this meeting?

Why ask yourself the subject?  Many times, meetings can get scheduled that aren’t the best use of time for participants involved. For example, a meeting to build a presentation, or a meeting to exchange notes from an executive offsite the previous week can easily be accomplished without a “meeting”. The worst of them all: a meeting just to answer simple questions, especially when an email, or quick trip to a colleagues desk could easily suffice.

We all have been in situations at work where we ask ourselves, “Isn’t there a better way to do this…?”

Enter Glip – collaboration and productivity software that helps users work smarter and saves time! RingCentral acquired the company recently and has since adopted the use of Glip’s software internally. Currently employees are using it as our own messaging and collaboration solution, and it has already saved our organization a significant amount of time on day-to-day communications. glip integrations

For those unfamiliar with the product here is s quick overview of Glip:
Glip is group chat solution which aims to help users increase productivity with directly integrated features; such as file sharing, tasks, notes, calendaring, image annotations, video conferencing and screen share technology, as well as integrations with other cloud services like Box, Dropbox, Google, Asana, Evernote, and JIRA.

What makes Glip so awesome? It’s completely centered around group chat! That means more natural and fluid conversations unlike antiquated email.

Email sucks for getting work stuff done.  It’s awkward and inefficient for communication, and we’e all experienced email threads like this: “Attached is the file I promised you last week.  Reply 1: Thanks!”, Reply 2: Can we get together next week to discuss the file in detail?” Reply 3: Sure, I’ll bring all my questions to the meeting.  Questions get answered later,  more time get spent in meetings, and that means less time spent on other tasks which could be more vital.

Glip makes it very easy to avoid wasted time. You can engage in team chats to discuss issues and answer questions in real time, share and update files, create and share notes, and follow up by assigning tasks. With Glip everyone is always on the same page in real-time and time is consecutively being saved.

With this saved time, we now spend much more of our time in meetings brainstorming subjects like: How can we WOW our customers even more than we do today?

Last but not least – Glip is free! Many RingCentral customers and awesome organizations like IBM, The Economist, Harvard University, and CBS have already adopted it. And best of all it takes 1 min to sign up, check out

Have you tried using Glip, or other team messaging solutions? Share your experience in the comments below!

Originally published Aug 17, 2015, updated Aug 12, 2020

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