I’m excited to announce the launch of our new RingCentral Cloud Touch platform, the first and only phone system that enables businesses to set up, manage and use their phone system from smartphones and tablets.

We’ve completely re-imagined the phone system, enabling businesses to turn any location into an office while giving employees the flexibility and freedom to access the system from any connected device. We help businesses, administrators and end users work the way they want to – from anywhere and on any device.

Our new platform includes three key components:

1. RingCentral Touch – Fully touch-powered platform for phone systems, enabling full management capabilities from any tablet or smartphone. Intuitive customizable settings for administrators and users provide unmatched flexibility and control.

2. RingCentral Presence – Presence is extended beyond desk phones, enabling users to see availability based on smart mobile devices. Enabled with simple controls, users can access from everywhere. Employees are better connected with presence that integrates mobile users.

3. RingCentral Connect – RingCentral integrates with Dropbox, Box and Google Docs, enabling customers to share documents and files in the cloud, providing enhanced productivity.

We’d love to hear how RingCentral Cloud Touch enables you to work from anywhere and manage your phone system with ease!

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