IMG logo Mervin Hernandez hasn’t been a RingCentral customer for long; his company, recruiting agency Intermedia Group, signed up for RingCentral service in fall 2012. But RingCentral was instrumental in helping Intermedia survive a crisis that sidelined many other companies – and for that reason, Mervin is a committed RingCentral Superfan.

The crisis in question was Hurricane Sandy, which decimated the New York metropolitan area. Lower Manhattan, where Intermedia is headquartered, was hit particularly hard. Many businesses in Manhattan were forced to suspend operations for the entire week, and Intermedia almost joined them.

But what kept its business activity from grinding to a halt, Mervin told us recently, was RingCentral. Intermedia had set up a RingCentral account in the weeks prior to Sandy’s arrival, so Mervin – who works with clients in the financial industry – was able to handle all of the company’s calls from his apartment.

“I was serving as the company switchboard for the week,” Mervin said. “RingCentral’s features made the process easy. And it was invaluable to be able to transfer calls using my cell phone.”

Ultimately, Mervin and his coworkers managed to stay on top of business in the teeth (and the messy aftermath) of Hurricane Sandy. For that reason alone, Intermedia is happy to have made the switch to RingCentral. But the fact that RingCentral enables round-the-clock interaction with clients is another huge benefit. Mervin Hernandez

“A lot of candidates can’t speak during the workday and want to talk to us during off-hours,” Mervin told us. “We like to have a constant presence for clients, so a phone number that finds us – wherever we are – is perfect.”

Intermedia has recruiters across the country, and it plans to continue expanding. Here, too, RingCentral will prove useful for the company, as it can be scaled quickly and easily (and includes unlimited extensions in its Office plans).

By enabling Intermedia’s recruiters to maintain constant communication with their clients, RingCentral keeps everything running smoothly – during both stormy weather and business as usual.

“Had we not had RingCentral during the hurricane,” Mervin said, “we would have been at a terrible disadvantage.”