A few months ago, we released the results of a survey on cloud phone products (like RingCentral Office) and how they compare to on-premise phone systems.

The survey of about 300 IT decision-makers revealed some interesting data points: for example, cost was cited as the biggest drawback to old-school on-prem systems but the biggest benefit of cloud alternatives.

Mobility was another differentiator between cloud and on-prem phone systems. About a quarter of the survey respondents whose companies are relying on a private branch exchange (PBX) said their mobile options are limited. More than half of all respondents, by contrast, said cloud phone products’ mobile apps are a big reason to move to the cloud.

What does all this mean for your business? Cloud phone solutions provide real benefits – including flexibility, cost savings, mobile-friendly features and more.

See the results of our survey in infographic form here!