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hangup on costly communications Managing your communications system comes with all sorts of frustrations and headaches that only you can understand. Making sure that your team has the right setup, juggling various work and personal devices, getting hands-on with the technical aspects of the phone system and trying to keep up with ever-advancing technology all can leave you wanting to pull down the blinds, shut the office door, take an aspirin, and turn on your favourite sounds-of-the-rainforest CD. But before you get to the panpipes solo, stop for a second and let’s review what exactly is causing all this stress and see how it might be avoided altogether.

First, there’s the traditional on-premise PBX system. Whilst in the past, this piece of tech was the obvious route to a great business communications, technology has moved on and so has expensive hardware that not only takes up office space, but requires regular upkeep that comes with a hefty bill.

With today’s cloud-based communication systems, all hardware and updates are dealt with offsite, leaving you with less to worry about when something goes wrong and space for that ping-pong table you’ve always wanted.

With different bills coming in for desk phones, mobiles, and conference call services, it can be difficult to keep costs under control. However, VoIP communications are a blessing for those that want to bring all devices under one provider and make it easy to minimise and keep track of spending. With a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy, you don’t even have to spend extra on work mobiles for your team; they just download the app on their own devices and are up and running.

When you hear the words “upgrade”, do you wonder just how long it will be until your hardware begins to struggle against the “new and improved”? Keeping up with technology in business is key, but it can also be very costly. With new cloud-based systems however, it’s possible to get all the latest features without lifting a finger. Headache sheet costs So next time your start to feel frustrated by the squeeze of communications costs, remember, RingCentral can offer a virtual headache pill that’s very easy to swallow. Check out the RingCentral Savings Calculator to see just how much you could save by replacing your cloud-PBX solution.

To learn more about our plans and pricing click here, for editions and pricing in the UK click here.

Originally published May 10, 2016, updated Aug 07, 2020

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