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Infographic: Are Millenninals More Awkward on the Phone?


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awkward phone This year has seen Millenninals become the largest generation in the US workforce surpassing Generation X-ers and Baby Boomers reported by Pew Research Center. As Millennials begin to take up a large portion of the workplace it can be interesting to see the effect this has in terms of office workplace communication.

In the age of smartphones, communication through various social media and messaging apps are hugely popular and often favoured over phone calls. Young Millennials are great at texting and conveying emotion through syntax and emojis – making communicating through emails and instant messaging programs in the work environment simple enough and ideal for their skills.

However, sometimes we are not able to hide behind a keyboard or have ample time to think of an ideal written response. In the work environment we may actually have to pick up the phone and talk to someone! Building strong business relationships and interactions need more intimate forms of communication. Apart from face-to-face what is more intimate than hearing someone’s voice as they express their thoughts and feelings as well as you expressing yours in tandem on the phone.

It could be said that young Millennials find talking on the phone in the workplace quite awkward. This may be due to Millennials not engaging in phone calls in their own personal lives as much as previous generations, let alone having to partake in professional phone conversations in a work context.

It makes me question are Milleninals apt enough to close a big deal over the phone with a hardened baby boomer on the other side of the call? Is it effective enough just to try and rely on emails?

From my own experience and from speaking to colleagues who work in business development and sales roles they are huge advocates of the phone call as an effective business tool. This is because it can be more time efficient to talk over the phone than try to write a long winded email trying to express a complicated proposal. It can also help clarify issues that can cut out a lot of back and forth emails. Furthermore, if you have no response to your email you can always pick up the phone to close that deal!

It is extremely important to come across well spoken on the phone as it can make or break a deal. The ability to be confident and fill your prospect with interest and trust is a skill worth having and sharpening.

The reality is that some people are just uncomfortable with making phone calls whether you are a Milleninal or Baby Boomer. We at Expert Market have decided to come up with some fun and helpful tips to ensure you come across as a smooth operator when you next engage someone over the phone. Check out the infographic below and start picking up that phone with confidence!

[This infographic originally appeared here.]

Originally published Jul 23, 2015, updated Aug 21, 2020

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