Photo from TheRoadHere on FlickrIn honor of the Fourth of July and to conclude our “Beyond the Office” series, we asked RingCentral customers to share what freedom means to them. For every small business, there is a business owner who has a unique interpretation of independence. Freedom can mean setting one’s own hours, working from home in one’s pajamas or growing a Fortune 500 company – and it’s a common theme among the nation’s business owners.

Here’s how a few RingCentral customers defined freedom from their own perspective:











Michael Stein, Dental Anywhere Mobile Apps

“Freedom as a business owner means having the opportunity to decide the direction of my company.  It is a privilege which is too often undervalued and even less understood. It is a defining characteristic of our country.  Freedom allows us to succeed or fail in business. And ironically, it’s the freedom to fail that has the most positive effect on us all.  The fear of failure, for many, pushes us to be the best at what we do and the best in moral character.”







Thomas Theisen,
High Tech Cleaning and Supply

“Being an employee has its advantages, but, in my humble opinion, there is nothing better than being a small business owner. It is not for everyone, and it certainly is not easy, which is why only a small percentage of the population takes on business ownership and its attendant responsibilities. As a small business owner, you are solely responsible for your success or failure. There is freedom in that, but with that freedom, there is great responsibility.”






Vicky Nelson,
World’s Best Toffee
“Freedom for us means that we are able to do business in this country and worldwide. Our military makes sacrifices every day for the thing that most of take for granted.”

From everyone at RingCentral, we wish you a happy and safe Independence Day.

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 (American flag image by theroadhere on Flickr)