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In the Contact Center, Happiness Begins at Home

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contact center ebook 1 Most contact center managers today recognize the symbiotic relationship that exists between customers and agents: both depend on the other for their ultimate satisfaction during their encounters. So rather than looking outward for ways to make your customers happier, consider looking inward for ways make your agents happier.

When calling your contact center, customers are looking for a pleasant, interactive experience with a knowledgeable agent. But before that can happen, agents need the proper tools and training to get the job done right. When they do, they’ll naturally feel less frustration with their jobs, which in turn helps them project a virtual smile that can boost agent and customer satisfaction levels.

So what can your company do to help create this type of environment in your contact center? While you may be tempted to just throw more money at agent training, that approach is simply not enough in today’s world of increasingly short-fused customers who expect immediate gratification when calling your contact center.

The answer comes from creating a more “connected” contact center, one that links agents to the full range of your company’s knowledge sources, such as backend customer, inventory, and billing systems. With quick, ready access to information your customers want and need, your agents’ productivity—and overall job satisfaction—can soar.

Today’s advanced cloud-based contact center systems can offer your company this heightened level of connectedness. Unlike legacy technologies, cloud-based systems can continually access SaaS applications and online databases. The cloud also lets your company treat web chat, social media, mobile, and other channels just like phone calls, applying skills-based routing to assign the best agent to a call based on experience, proficiency, availability, and/or other business rules.

To learn more about how a connected contact center in the cloud can provide a more satisfying experience for both your customers and agents, download your complimentary eBook today.

Originally published Dec 07, 2015, updated Aug 27, 2020

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