A sure way to fail at lead generation is to improperly manage the inquiries your site will generate. It would be a shame to invest in building out an Internet marketing campaign for your leads, to only end up in a wasteland. That’s where lead validation comes into play. Lead validation, is the process of having your sales leads separated from non-sales conversions. According to “The Importance of Lead Validation Study” by professional SEO agency Straight North, 50 percent of a business’ website inquiries are something other than sales leads.

Having that kind of vital data allows you to take a step back and analyze your campaign to see what is working and what isn’t. You will know the online marketing source of every sales lead, preventing you from investing in campaigns that aren’t contributing to ROI. This will greatly improve your campaign because you will no longer be relying on inquiry data and instead be able to optimize your campaign based on accurate sales lead data.

In addition, discover the incredible importance of the first website visit and the days most leads convert, in the presentation below: