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Implementation Synergy Makes for Smooth Sailing for New Customer Box


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box customer release As a leader of RingCentral’s Professional Services team, I can say that one of the most satisfying parts of my job is when our team works closely with a client to pull off an implementation smoother than any of us could have anticipated. Every implementation has its challenges, naturally, but it’s amazing what we can accomplish with proper planning and close collaboration. That opportunity for synergy is a big part of RingCentral’s Professional Services offering. We’re here to make sure implementations are successful by providing hands-on support in everything from technical design and deployment to network configuration, integration, and monitoring.


One of our newest customers, Box, is a premier enterprise content management platform provider serving more than 50,000 companies, including Fortune 500 companies like GE, Gap and GlaxoSmithKline. Box came to us looking for a UCaaS solution that could be as flexible as the company itself is. As a young, fast-moving business with a rapidly growing global workforce, Box wanted to move its enterprise communications from an on-site legacy system to RingCentral Office. Doing so would better equip its employees to use mobile phones, laptops, or IP desk phones to communicate and get work done, in addition to making it easier for the company to scale quickly and at lower cost at its locations around the world.

It’s typical that there are timing challenges when companies are transitioning to the cloud, and the Box implementation was no exception. Box had a hard date when their contract with their on-premise vendor would expire, and consequently we had to adhere to a strict schedule in our delivery. An added complexity was that we were dealing with a multi-site and multi-country implementation.

Given these conditions, we both came to the table with a tight focus on maintaining very close communication throughout the process. With so many moving parts, we needed to act as one. Careful planning with Box’s IT department allowed our Professional Services team to schedule training sessions, communicate about the change across all of Box’s departments, and drive adoption of the new system. Together with our Sales Engineering team, we also completed the necessary upfront design and planning to make sure Box’s infrastructure was VOIP-ready. Once the planning was complete we utilized advanced network monitoring to ensure we wouldn’t have unexpected issues.

The talented IT team at Box had buy-in for the change from every department across the company, and this made a huge difference to the project’s success. As a result of our joint efforts, we completed the initial deployments across four offices in less than three weeks—record timing.

We’re proud to announce Box as a customer and we look forward to watching how RingCentral’s voice and meetings capabilities can help Box fuel its continuing success.

Originally published Jul 18, 2016, updated Aug 11, 2020

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