2011 If you’re like many business owners, you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to grow your business. Yet, to see real results, you need implementable strategies that will actually bring in new customers, increase sales and save you money. RingCentral can be a key component to business growth in 2011. Here’s how:

Enabling Customers to Call You from Anywhere in the World

The more ways in which potential customers can reach you, the more customers you will get. By simply adding the RingMe icon to your website, you can begin receiving calls from customers located anywhere in the world. Place your RingMe button in your email signature, online ads, blog or any online document to attract more callers.

Streamlining Your Business Communications

With RingCentral, your phone system works with any phone, PC or mobile device. This enables you to communicate with customers seamlessly, wherever you may be. You’ll never miss a call, and your customers will never get a busy signal.

Improving Your Professional Image

A polished image will increase your ability to grow your business. With a toll-free number, an auto-receptionist to greet your callers, a company directory of extensions and complete control over call handling, you’ll present the professionalism of a Fortune 500 company – even if you’re a solo entrepreneur.

Saving You Money

RingCentral can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on on-premise equipment, service costs and setup fees. With the savings, you’ll have a little extra to invest into your growing business.