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Being that it’s National Entrepreneurship Week, I wanted to write up an inspiring post on why it’s crucial for you to start a blog of your own.

Since I first started my blog a few years ago, it’s completely changed my life and the way I run my business online. As a result of my blog, I’ve been able to speak around the world, appear on ABC and FOX News, release my own book on Amazon and meet thousands of people.

Let’s start breaking down the process of how you can launch your own blog today.

The Basics of Creating a Blog

To have a blog of your own, all you need is a domain name, web hosting and installation of WordPress, which is the free content management system that runs the majority of blogs on the internet. The cost for a typical domain name is around $10 per year, hosting is around $10 per month and as mentioned, the blogging software is free. Once you are set up, you can start blogging right away. If you are completely lost when it comes to creating a blog of your own, feel free to follow this free case study that walks you through the whole process.

Keyword and Niche Research

Blogging and Keyword Research

When people start a blog, the first place that they go wrong is that they don’t know what they are going to blog about. Before even getting started with the blogging process, you need to find the niche you are going to write in and be aware of your competition and the keywords/search phrases that you are going to target to get traffic to your site.


Without content your blog is nothing. It’s the sole reason why people will be coming to your site and sharing content with their friends. The bottom line is that you want to create quality content that provides value. Why are people coming to your site and why are they reading your content? The answer is one of the following: they are looking for answers, they want to buy something, or they want to be entertained. Base your content around any of these solutions and you will find success.

Gaining Backlinks & Getting Ranked

Instead of advertising on other sites and paying for clicks through the search engines, you can bring attention and incoming links to your site is through guest blogging. Guest blogging is the process of writing content for other blogs, and in exchange for your quality content you will usually receive an author bio at the end of the article with a link back to your own web site. This process allows the search engines to see that other web sites are linking to yours and will provide you with higher SEO rankings in return.

In addition, by welcoming guest bloggers, sites like RingCentral Connect can broaden their reach and introduce new editorial viewpoints. Guest blogging is a win-win proposition.

Creating “Virality”

There are currently over a billion users on Facebook and another several hundred million on Google+ and Twitter. It would be insane for you not to tap into these social networks by adding social networking buttons to your blog content.

social sharing blog content

When people share what you’ve written, you get more traffic and the major search engines – which now take into account the “virality” of content – will rank you more highly.

Monetization The majority of people who create blogs intend to make money. In order for this to happen, you have to become an authority within your niche. But your monetization options go way beyond just selling advertising space: you can also sell your own products, push affiliate programs to earn commissions on referred sales or even sell review posts on your site.

Site Monetization Methods

As you can see, there is a lot to learn about blogging – but it’s well worth the time and effort. The thousands of blog posts I have written over the years are still working for me every day, bringing in new visitors from search engines, providing me with new advertisers and growing my brand.

The question isn’t what can you get out of blogging… the question is, can you afford not to be blogging?

Originally published Feb 20, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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