First there was voicemail. Then there was email. Next came the smartphone. New technologies have long been the driving force behind changes in the way that businesses communicate. With an increasing focus on collaboration, today’s mobile-enabled workers are also looking for ways to integrate messaging, task management, and video conferencing into their day-to-day interactions with colleagues and customers.

Now that everyone is always connected, the concept of effective teamwork has shifted dramatically. Employees need to be able to collaborate with team members from anywhere using messaging, video, text, and other communication tools. By consolidating all of these various functions into one platform, RingCentral makes teams more agile by allowing them to collaborate and share information faster and easier than ever.

One of the key ways businesses now enable this collaboration is by integrating mobile devices into the business day. For many people, the work environment is now fluid, limited only by availability of Wi-Fi or a cellular signal. But the rise in workforce mobility creates new business communications challenges. Keeping pace with today’s mobile workforce requires companies to ensure that their current business phone systems can meet the changing needs of employees on the move.

In the modern office, business communications fall into two broad categories: real time and asynchronous. Real-time communications (such as voice calls and video meetings) require people to actually participate in a conversation at the same time. Asynchronous communications (such as email) on the other hand, allow people to communicate independently of each other on their own time.

But the increasing popularity of text messaging apps has led to a third category: near-real-time communications. Messaging apps now give people the added flexibility to carry on near-real-time conversations with others—when and if they choose.

RingCentral brings together real-time, asynchronous, and near-real-time communications into one integrated communications system that offers text, voice, video, team collaboration, and more. Users can communicate using the best method for each situation. Business SMS allows users to send messages from their office telephone numbers using personal devices. It maintains a professional image, while also maintaining the privacy of personal contact information.

Effective collaboration and communication goes beyond calls and various messaging mediums. However, teams need to be able to share files, photos, and documents. But finding these files again when you actually need them can often be an exercise in frustration.

The RingCentral Glip collaboration tool greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of sharing content with co-workers. Emails, discussions, and files are all in one collaborative workspace, drastically reducing time spent searching for and organizing information across different applications.

With RingCentral, cloud communications and team collaboration come together to help everyone at your company work more efficiently.