Mobility is everything when you travel during the holiday season, so we want to remind you of some of the best features for road warriors that are included in your RingCentral plan. By adjusting a few settings, you’ll be well on your way to greater peace of mind – knowing your clients’ needs are taken care of even while you’re away from the office. Feel free to leave a comment with any related tips you may have for fellow travelers!

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is at the top of our list for obvious reasons. This feature allows you to route your callers to up to 10 different numbers including your cell, home, or office phone from any extension. Our FindMe feature will send callers to several pre-set numbers simultaneously or in sequence, so if you’re on the road, you can have calls routed to other people until you become available again. Want your calls to go straight to a single number? Change your FollowMe settings on-the-fly by phone or through your online account, and have calls routed to a single number. It’s that easy!

RingCentral for iPhone

overveiw_phone iPhone users: Download our free application if you haven’t already. The RingCentral app gives you access to visual voicemail and your iPhone contact list, and it lets you make business calls from your cell phone without revealing your personal mobile phone number. If you’re a fan of faxing, then you should know you can view, edit and send faxes right from your iPhone, too.

Calling Card

Lost or dead cell phone? Don’t sweat it. Simply find a local landline and make long distance calls using your “Calling Card.” All you do is dial your RingCentral number, log into your account and dial the number you wish to call after the prompt. The best part? You don’t need a plastic calling card- as long as your remember your toll-free number, that is.

Call Controller softphone

If you have a laptop with an internet connection, then you can make calls on our Call Controller. It lets you screen callers, forward calls to another phone, make conference calls, record calls and answer calls through your PC. Those traveling abroad will find this feature handy when they need to call their contacts in the U.S.

Happy Holidays!