You need to step out for lunch or leave the office for a business meeting. How would you like to be able to forward your calls to a designated person when you’re not available?

With the RingCentral mobile app for iPhone/Android, changing forwarding rules is a snap. All you need to do is create custom rules for the people to whom you want to forward calls.

For example, if you’d like to send calls to Sally when you’re at lunch, create a custom rule named “To Sally” (or whatever other name you like).  Likewise, if you’d like to send calls to Allen when you’re in a business meeting, create a custom rule called “To Allen”.

The trick is saving each person’s respective phone numbers as the forwarding number on the Call Handling page of the custom rule. To create or change a custom rule, log in to your online account, navigate to Settings>My Inbound>Call Handling and click the “Advanced” link next to Business Hours and After Hours. (If you’re still on the older version of the RingCentral interface, navigate to My Settings>Answering Rules (under Call Settings on the left) and click the orange “Add Rule” button on the right.) You can then create an advanced rule that manages calls based on a variety of conditions, e.g., time of day, called number, the caller’s number and so on.

Once your rule is created, simply activate the rule from within the mobile app by tapping Settings and selecting My Inbound, then navigating to Call Handling.

Here’s what you’ll see in the iOS app if you’ve created “To Sally” and “To Allen” rules:

For more details on creating custom rules, read this Help article.