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How to Prepare for a New Era of Work


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If we’ve learned anything from the many industries—and companies—that have been disrupted by the internet during the past 20 years, it’s confirmation that change is the only constant.

And while some of those disruptions have taken place quite drastically on the public stage (we’re looking at you, music industry), they also sometimes take place a bit more quietly—although the ramifications are no less dramatic.

Such a disruption is currently taking place in communications, and it’s about to have broad implications on how we all work. What began as the migration of telephony to the cloud has now evolved into a full-fledged “new era of work,” with cloud communications and collaboration technologies redefining how people and businesses connect.  

This disruption comes in direct response to the always-on requirement of today’s global business and a workforce that demands to work the way they want. It’s also propelled by an ecosystem of open platform technologies that integrate communications and collaboration solutions with enterprise apps and emerging technologies, such as AI, to define new levels of engagement that deliver deeper connections more efficiently than we ever thought possible.

Making sense of disruptive technologies, though, is always challenging. ConnectCentral, the industry’s only cloud communications conference, is specifically designed to help companies build real-world business strategies that take advantage of these new technologies and drive digital transformation.  

ConnectCentral’s keynote discussions, breakout and training sessions, and networking events give attendees an opportunity to:

1. Gain deeper insights into the evolving correlation between communications and business

The vast majority of knowledge workers today use their mobile devices to stay connected to their work, quickly replacing the 9-to-5 workplace. For many people, the work environment is now fluid, limited only by the number of reception bars on their wireless devices.

This rise in workforce mobility creates new business communications challenges. Keeping pace with today’s global and mobile workforce requires companies to reevaluate their current business communications systems to meet the changing needs of on-the-go employees. Businesses can operate across geographic boundaries with one cloud communications and collaboration platform.

At the same time, in the age of the cloud, the traditional boundaries between application types begin to fade. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to move smoothly between looking up a customer in a CRM tool, calling a contact, sharing a file, starting a video chat, or messaging a virtual team.

At ConnectCentral you’ll learn how Collaborative Communications delivers this all-in-one experience, providing an open and intelligent conversational platform that supports integrations, chatbots, and AI.  ConnectCentral sessions are tailored to give you concrete information that can help you plan for what is coming next.

2. Develop a comprehensive communications and collaboration strategy

ConnectCentral 2018 is designed to equip you and your organization to see both the big picture and get into the specifics that matter.

Our teams can help you understand how to:

In addition, RingCentral experts will be available at the conference to answer specific technical questions  on topics such as number porting, networking, custom solutions, and platform support.

3. Attend special tracks tailored for women in technology and IT executives

ConnectCentral attracts a wide range of attendees. Two special tracks will provide unique opportunities to learn how to navigate today’s workplace and become stronger leaders.

Women in Tech Track

Join us for a panel discussion on leadership, corporate culture, and driving change. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with women leaders involved in the tech community and discuss how they can set themselves up for success in the business world.

Executive Track

Today’s CIOs and CTOs do a lot more for the organization than keeping systems patched while still saving money. They must strategically balance requirements for extracting the maximum amount of value out of information with how to tie together new sources of information in order to make faster and better decisions.

In this informative, three-day track, attendees will examine the new role of the CIO, leadership in the digital age, and new thinking required to meet the demands of today’s workplace. Attendance for the Executive Track is by  invitation only. Register for the Executive Track here.

Register for ConnectCentral 2018 or get 50% off for your team members when registering three or more!

Originally published Nov 05, 2018, updated Sep 22, 2020

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