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How-to Make Phone Numbers in NetSuite into Click To Dial Links


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Lots of folks who use NetSuite would love to be able to make their phone numbers in NetSuite into click-to-dial links, and with RingCentral, it’s easy to do! Here’s how.

First you’ll need to ensure that you have the latest version of the RingCentral for Desktop softphone installed. You can download it here.

Now with a few quick steps you can make a Saved Search in NetSuite that shows clickable phone numbers.

1) Create or edit a Saved Search in Netsuite. You’ll find it under Reports->Saved Searches. netsuite 1 2) Click on the Results tab. netsuite 2 3) Add a column called Formula (Text). (This will be in the drop-down with all the real column names.) netsuite 3 4) Set the formula to the following:

‘<a href=rcmobile://call?number=’ || REPLACE({phone}, ‘ ‘) || ‘>’ || {phone} || ‘</a>’ netsuite 4 5) Set the Custom Label field to Click To Dial. netsuite 5 6) Now Save & Run the report, and voila! You have click-to-dial links! netsuite 6a If you have further questions please contact our community at

Originally published Jul 29, 2015, updated Aug 12, 2020

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