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Connect with the Ones That Matter: How to Keep in Touch with Loved Ones and Customers This Valentine’s Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day again, and it’s the perfect time to reconnect with family, friends, and loved ones!

Thanks to the almighty Internet, reaching out to them is easy no matter where they are in the world. Distance isn’t a problem anymore, except for when you find physical contact necessary. Use your desktop computer, smartphone and other mobile devices to call or chat with them on this special day.

For businesses, Valentine’s Day can also be an opportunity to promote the company.

And no, it’s not about peddling Valentine’s Day-related merchandise. Startups and small business owners can use this day to reach out to their most valued customers. In doing that, businessmen can show their appreciation for their customer’s continued patronage. A personal touch like this also gives them the benefit of strengthening the customer-company relationship.

So how can you reach out and keep in touch with your loyal patrons? The following are several ways that you can use to get your message of love across, with a little bit of help from modern communications tech:


A precious phone call: the classic way of communicating your love

Keep in touch with loved ones and customers through a phone call

Apart from an actual face-to-face conversation, there’s no better way to reach out and connect with your loved ones than calling them on your phone.

Hearing each other’s’ voices, no matter how many miles apart you are, guarantees to tug at your heartstrings. With a phone call, you’ll be able to have a real-time conversation even when you are in different parts of the world.

The same can be said when you’re reaching out to your customers on Valentine’s Day. Receiving a call from a company they support proves the relationship is not one-sided.

You can have any number of reasons for making that personal phone call to your customer. You can—

Level up your call with HD audio and video

Keeping in touch with loved ones is easier with today's technology

With reliable Internet connectivity and modern devices, you can do more than just make voice calls.

Surprise your loved ones with a video call from where you are right now. You can be half the globe away, working in another country, and still be able to show them your best smile. Today’s technology lets you see their faces, and experience laughing and crying together, without having to be in the same room.

You can leverage the same technology for your business to express your appreciation for your customers.

Companies like RingCentral offer HD video and audio conferencing capabilities, features that you’ll find quite useful when you want to talk directly to your clients.  Video conferencing can be an effective way of personally thanking them and, possibly, gathering their input on how you can further improve your product or service offerings. With video meetings, your clients are able to interact with your brand, and their immediate feedback could prove vital for future developments.

You can also leverage video streaming or video sharing on social media sites. For example, you can start streaming a Valentine’s Day video special for your customers. Aside from the typical “thank you” message, you can also express your gratitude by giving out special prizes, limited-time discounts, and other exclusive offers.

Discreet but Sweet Messages Through Text or Chat

Even a short message can help keep in touch with loved ones and customers

If you can’t find enough time to call to your loved ones, sending a short but sweet chat or text message is a good backup plan.

Aside from your regular SMS service, you can use messaging platforms integrated into the apps you use daily. For example, Facebook’s Messenger comes in handy for sending quick messages when you can’t wait for replies. There are also a lot of internet-based messaging apps that you can download and use for the same purpose.

Business SMS, as the name implies, is mainly used to send short business-related short messages to clients, colleagues, and other business stakeholders.

Sometimes a phone call or a video message can come off as intrusive. With SMS, you can send out short text messages of appreciation to your regular customers.

The great thing about it is it doesn’t put them on the spot. It doesn’t pressure them into interacting with you or replying. So it is a very convenient way of showing your appreciation without inconveniencing customers. Communications services with Business SMS and MMS features usually offer unlimited text sending. Thanks to that, you can connect to as many customers as possible without worrying about the costs.


These days, there’s no shortage of ways to connect with your loved ones on a day like Valentine’s Day. Don’t pass up the chance to reconnect with distant family members, old friends, or long-lost loved ones.

The same goes for your customers. Use the occasion to show them your appreciation for their continued support, and ask for valuable feedback. Use all the tech and tools available today, including the old reliable phone, HD video calls, and even business SMS and MMS.

From what you’ve read, have you thought a unique way to reach out and express your “love” to your loved ones and customers? Head to the comments and share!

Originally published Feb 14, 2018, updated Aug 12, 2020

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