tollfreeimage First introduced in the late 1960s by AT&T, toll-free numbers have become a ubiquitous communication tool for almost every large company and for a growing number of small businesses. Originally, all toll-free numbers used the 800 prefix. Yet, because of growing demand, 888, 877, 866 and 855 were added, and AT&T is no longer the exclusive provider of these numbers.

Nearly every business can benefit from having a toll-free number!  Here are some of the advantages of having your own.

Not only is a toll-free number helpful because it enables customers to call at no charge to them, it also builds your business’ credibility, improves customer service and even becomes the focal point of your advertising. Is this a good investment in your business? It definitely is!

RingCentral enables you to choose and activate your very own toll-free number. Calls can be routed to any local number you choose, without the need to install a new phone line or purchase extra equipment. You can seamlessly route calls from your toll-free number to any phone you designate. You’ll also get a variety of features, including Voicemail, Call Forwarding and Caller ID.

To amplify the effectiveness of a toll-free number, vanity 800 numbers are also available. A Vanity Number spells out the name of your business or other business-relevant words on a phone’s keypad. Probably the most well-known example of a vanity number is 1-800-FLOWERS.

Getting a toll-free number is simple. Go to RingCentral’s website, where you can select a toll free number. Then, you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your business’ image – while also making it easy for your customers to contact you!