One Phone Number = Increased Trust

In the five years I worked as a professional telecommuter, my number one rule was always “be reachable.” This meant almost always having my work phone number routed directly to my home number or cell. I remember one memorable nighttime call from an Australian coworker looking to leave me a voicemail. It was 1 AM EST, but I had to try my best to perk up my voice and answer intelligibly. While this extreme pursuit of “reachability” isn’t for everyone, it made my coworkers much more confident in my commitment to the team and brought rewards at review time. And it turned out that many people found me easier to get a hold of than others a few doors down the hall who were often away from their desk phones.

At the time, it took an expensive $100/month/line phone-routing technology to keep me this connected, but today with services like RingCentral’s virtual phone, an entire team can take advantage of a virtual phone number (and much more) for less. For today’s small business owners and remote workers, trust is now affordable.

As a reachability junkie, my favorite RingCentral feature is the virtual phone number enabled through call forwarding. Sure, everyone has a cell phone these days, but why make your boss or coworker track you down number by number? Instead, you can tell your professional contacts: Call this one number and I’ll be there. It only takes seconds to pop onto RingCentral’s website and change where your calls will be routed, if need be.

It may sound simple, but eliminating the gaps in your day when you can’t easily be reached can make a world of difference in how customers and coworkers perceive both your level of commitment and your professionalism.