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How-To: Add Instagram Images to a WordPress Blog Post

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Aug 05, 2013

We live in a visual era, when photos can greatly enhance a company’s marketing efforts. It’s little surprise that Pinterest and Instagram – which emphasize photo-sharing – are among the fastest-growing social networks.

For a long time, there was a significant downside to using Instagram for business: photos produced with the app couldn’t be embedded in WordPress blog posts. All that changed, however, when WordPress announced that it was integrating with Instagram late last year.

How does inserting Instagram images into WordPress work? You’ll obviously need both an Instagram account and a WordPress blog to get started. You’ll also need to be at least a little familiar with how images appear in Instagram’s web app. (We recommend doing this on a desktop or laptop, instead of a mobile device.)

The essential step is to find the image URL of the Instagram photo you want to embed. It’s easy on a PC or Mac – to start, just navigate to your Instagram page in the browser of your choice. Here’s RingCentral’s page:

RC Instagram

Next, select the image you wish to embed into your blog post. Click on the image to open it in a new window:

RC Instagram_1

Grab the URL in the address bar and copy it. Then paste it into the body of your WordPress blog post (be sure to paste the URL where you want the image to appear in the post). The URL should be on its own line:

RC Instagram_2

Here’s the image, inserted via URL into this post:

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That’s it! The process is easy – and you don’t need any special WordPress plugins to make it work.

Have any WordPress tips or tricks to share, or a favorite hosting platform? Let us know!

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