Blog_cloud There is a lot of hype around the cloud right now. People are saying goodbye to their multimillion-dollar IT budgets and hello to cheaper solutions. These solutions are much more service-oriented – and friendlier for businesses of all sizes.

Cloud service providers, by simplifying complex technologies and pricing them affordably, are making it easier for business to have an online presence. No longer does a firm need 50 servers to power a complex website; now it can access a cloud server that is infinitely scalable. It’s possible to scale from one server to 50, then back down to one, in a matter of minutes (as demand warrants).

Furthermore, cloud providers are greatly reducing the logistical headaches of IT procurement. Today, companies can choose products that are managed in the cloud for pennies an hour. In an ever-changing marketplace, that kind of flexibility provides a huge competitive advantage – a trend to which businesses must be paying attention.

To prove this point, I published a post last week about the top free hosting companies in the world. I polled more than 43,000 people online about their favorite free hosting providers. Want to know who landed in the top five? It was companies that are innovating in the cloud. Wix and Weebly consumed almost 50 percent of the votes. Both of these sites (and all of their clients) are in the cloud space. These companies are taking advantage of the cloud, and generating some serious revenue from it.

In fact, companies all across the web are taking advantage of the cloud and building companies around it – amazingly cool companies at that. They don’t have to worry about maintenance, location or enormous start-up costs.

Cloud computing is changing the rules and allowing small companies to become large ones overnight. With an amazing idea and internet access, you can start a business. You don’t have to have millions of dollars to create something amazing! Consider the cost savings and simplicity that come with a cloud product – like RingCentral phone service – and choosing the cloud becomes easy.

If you’re still having doubts about making the switch, check out some of RingCentral’s customer success stories. You’ll see just how empowering cloud services can be!