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Historical phone number formatting could be guiding our business behaviour. Why? Although there have been a number of changes to phone number formats in the UK, landline numbers have always used an STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialling) code which denotes the region. For example, someone calling an 01274 business number would expect to be calling a fixed landline number in Bradford. Equally, someone calling an 07xx phone number would expect it to be a mobile number.

These familiar number sequences prompt assumptions about what can and can’t be done with business communications. Someone may not attempt to send a text to an 01274 number, for example (or expect the number to be manned after normal office hours).

How are these types of assumptions affecting business? When potential customers see a phone number, assumptions – that, for example, a mobile number represents a one-man operation, a business number with a regional code is a local business, or that a generic number does not give personalized service – are inevitable.

And in today’s competitive marketplace, these small indicators can be the difference between winning or losing a customer.

Therefore, your business phone system must be flexible. A system like RingCentral Office can give you a single business number – local, freephone or both – to ensure maximum availability. With Office, this one number can be used across several devices (smartphone, desk phone, PC or tablet). There’s no need to change numbers when you move home or office – the number will go where you do. Plus, your friends, family, colleagues and customers can reach you by phone, text, email, internet app or fax, regardless of your location.

Now that modern telephone systems are not tethered to the desk, the possibilities and opportunities for business are endless. So be considerate of the first impressions that your business creates. What does your number say about your business, your availability and the way you answer and route business calls? Is your business communications solution flexible for the way you do business – and the way your customers expect to reach you?