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kevinstroud1 We have another story to share: today, we bring you Dalia Alvarado and Kevin Stroud, the owners of a home-based network marketing business. Through an online friendship, both love and business opportunities have developed. Let’s find out what Dalia and Kevin have to say: kevinstroud2

Tell Us About Your Business.
We have a home-based network marketing business, where we promote graded, collectible, numismatic gold and silver coins from leading government mints from around the world. Other business professionals can partner with us, become independent collector representatives themselves or make retail purchases from our website. We offer more than 200 different types of coins.

Tell Us How You Met.
We met in September 2010 while networking on Facebook and began dating a month later. Presently, we work closely together online even though we are in separate cities for now.

What Daily Challenges Affect Your Business?
When you have a home-based business, time management is very important. Not only are you fielding phone calls – you are answering email, running a blog and operating a retail website. There is a lot to tackle in being a business owner. Discipline and time management can be daily challenges, but it’s getting better and better every day.

How Do You Use RingCentral in Your Business?
We advertise our 800 number on the internet through our personal websites and retail websites so that people interested in getting involved in the home-based business or buying coins from our retail website can contact Dalia and me without having to pay for the call. I believe that as a small business owner, an 800 number adds a lot of credibility to a business, and it’s easy for people to call toll-free if they are out of state. Also, the online fax feature is efficient. It has eliminated the need to purchase fax machines.

Do You Work in One Location or from Multiple Spots?
At the present time, I work remotely via laptop from my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, and Dalia works her side of our business in Dallas, Texas. As a couple, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day all this week in Las Vegas while also attending a business conference. After this, we plan on merging our business venture to one main location.

Do You Have Any Advice to Give Other Small Business Owners?
As a business owner, you really should look into leveraging your business through social media. Get your own blog and brand yourself online. You will be more accessible to people all over the world. Using a blog and simple search engine optimization – as opposed to spending thousands of dollars on conventional advertising – can be a great way to cut costs, too.

Originally published Feb 17, 2011, updated Aug 07, 2020

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