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How to Make Your Business Thrive During the Holidays

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The holiday season is here. For many people, it’s their favorite time of year, full of celebrations with friends and family. But running a business can be particularly challenging during the holiday season. Employees taking time off spreads teams thin. At the same time, the holiday shopping rush creates a busy season for businesses of all kinds. RingCentral can help you navigate these challenges so that your business can thrive during the holiday season.

One of the biggest challenges during the busy holiday season is simply making sure your phones are covered. RingCentral’s answering rules and call forwarding options give you flexible tools to manage incoming calls and maintain communication for your teams while people are out of the office.

Rules can be created and managed any time from any computer or mobile device. Calls from important clients or coworkers can be forwarded to a mobile phone, while others go to voicemail, for example. Forwarding allows you to ring multiple extensions, either simultaneously or in sequence, so that departments can ensure that someone will always be able to answer an incoming call. Calls can also be routed differently based on time of day, or on certain days of the week to spread calls among multiple people, or schedule around vacations and days off.

If your business has special holiday hours—whether you’re closing early, or staying open late for holiday shoppers—updating your phone system is a great way to get the word out. Update your Auto-Receptionist message to include holiday operating hours, and encourage users to update their voicemail greetings to include specific times they’ll be in (or out of) the office. While employees are out of the office, advanced voicemail features let employees receive messages by email, either as text or audio attachments.

While you’re updating greetings, think about using some seasonal music to put people in a celebratory mood. RingCentral’s custom on-hold music can even be scheduled to play different music during different times of day—and you can change the music for each extension or create custom holiday greetings for VIPs based on incoming caller ID information.

During the holidays it can be a lot harder to get in touch with people over the phone as they travel and take some much-needed time off. Business SMS is perfect for staying in touch during an extremely busy season. Using your mobile device or a computer running RingCentral for Desktop, Business SMS allows you to message business contacts and colleagues from your office number, without giving out your personal contact information. It’s quick, easy, and more likely to get noticed than a voicemail message when people are away from their offices during the holidays.

Even while your team is enjoying time away from the office, there’s always some work that needs to be attended to. RingCentral Glip gives your employees the freedom to travel over the holidays, while still keeping everyone connected and focused on critical business. Share files, manage tasks, and keep everyone up to date on work in progress without the clutter of long email chains. Glip simplifies team communication so you can spend more time enjoying the holidays.

No matter what business you’re in, RingCentral can help keep your business running during this busy season. Happy holidays from the RingCentral team.

Originally published Dec 12, 2016, updated Aug 12, 2020

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