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HD Voice Now Available for All RingCentral Office Customers

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Nov 07, 2017

Until recently, high definition (HD) voice support was only available for RingCentral Office Premium and Enterprise customers; however, today we are excited to announce that HD voice is now supported for all RingCentral Office customers, including RingCentral Office Standard and RingCentral Professional users. With this latest news, businesses of all sizes can rest assured that we are committed to guaranteeing the best measures of call quality for all of our customers.

At RingCentral, we understand that call quality is one of the single most important factors in choosing a voice provider, which is why we are committed to offering our best-in-class telephony services as part of all of our products.

Over the years, RingCentral has introduced HD voice support across its product portfolio, enabling best-in-class call experiences for RingCentral services across all endpoints. Today, RingCentral for Desktop, RingCentral Mobile, and all RingCentral desk phones feature integrated HD voice support, delivering at least twice the sound quality as compared to a typical voice phone call delivered on an analog landline. With HD voice, you can enjoy richer and clearer conversations with reduced background noise for an enhanced call experience.

Leading the pack with best-in-class technology

Many  communications providers today support HD voice through the G.722 audio codec. Widely considered as the industry standard for HD voice, G.722 captures sound and samples audio at a rate that is double the standard for stock voice over IP (VoIP) voice quality and provides voice quality that far exceeds that of any analog phone call.

In addition to supporting G.722 for audio, RingCentral uses the state-of-the-art OPUS audio codec. OPUS has been found to be more efficient than almost every existing codec at each level, with the added ability to dynamically adapt bitrate in response to changes in networks.

HD voice with OPUS is enabled by default on RingCentral for Desktop and RingCentral Mobile, ensuring the best audio quality across all softphones and mobile apps. Enjoy richer and clearer HD communications with advanced audio technology that provides clarity even in limited bandwidth and network environments.

Accessing HD voice

While HD voice is enabled by default for all RingCentral for Desktop and RingCentral Mobile applications, desk phones need to be manually enabled.

For more information on how to enable HD voice for your desk phones, click here.

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