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Have You Heard? RingCentral Has an Industry First With SMS

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Jul 26, 2013

We at RingCentral are proud to offer an industry first on all Office plans in the US and Canada – Business SMS!

If you’re using RingCentral’s free iOS or Android apps (and are an Office customer), you get Business SMS at no extra cost. What can Business SMS do for you?

1. Keep your personal number private

Business SMS lets you send and receive text messages (MMS is currently not supported – sorry!) at your business number. That means you can text your business contacts while keeping your personal cell phone number from going public. Here’s what a real RingCentral customer had to say about this feature:

Customer SMS

2. Connect with department members

Need to text all the members of a department within your organization? Simply navigate to the Contacts screen of the RingCentral iOS or Android app, select a department and tap the new-message icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

3. Receive SMS email notifications

We know – your smartphone probably doesn’t leave your side. When you are phoneless, though, you can opt to receive an email notification if an SMS is sent to your RingCentral number(s). With Business SMS, you never miss a message.

How do you actually send a Business SMS message? It’s super easy – just log in to the RingCentral app and click the “speech bubble” icon at the bottom right:


(This is how you compose an individual SMS. Remember, sending a department SMS requires you to go to the Contacts screen first.)

Messages sent to one of your direct numbers will appear in the “Text” section of the RingCentral app’s Messages screen. Can’t find an SMS? It was likely sent to a direct number linked to an extension different from your own. You can view all the direct numbers linked to each extension in your account at the RingCentral service site ( Log in as an administrator, then click Settings > Phone System > Users for a high-level view of all of your account’s extensions.

For more Business SMS tips and tricks, check out our Business SMS Cheat Sheet. You can also visit our Support Center’s Business SMS section for articles and videos (like the one below)!

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