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'Hang Up' on Inflexible Communications and 'Say Hello' to RingCentral's Apps

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Imagine this: you’re waiting for an important customer to contact you. Not much more than a decade ago, you’d have to wait by your desk for the call or fax to come in. (And, in the process, wave goodbye to your social life or time spent with family.)

The proliferation of mobile phones around the turn of the century alleviated this problem somewhat. But even then, being reachable meant giving out your personal cell phone number for business use. Not ideal.

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RingCentral came on to the scene to change all that. We got started with online fax, which promised to bring faxing into the internet age. Today, RingCentral online fax lingers on (it turns out that many of you still send faxes) – and we’ve added dozens more communication options to our product portfolio.

One of the features we’re proudest of is the RingCentral mobile app. Available for Android phones, iPhones and iPads (and soon, Android tablets), the app brings the whole RingCentral experience onto your mobile device. It’s like a theme park in your pocket, if the rides were called “Paging“, “Intercom” and “Conferencing“.

What are the coolest features in our mobile app? Here’s our shortlist:

  1. Business SMS
    Don’t let the fancy name fool you – we had to come up with something we could copyright. Business SMS just means you can send and receive text messages using your RingCentral numbers.
  2. Faxing
    Yes, our app lets you send and receive faxes over the internet. You can attach files stored locally on your device or pull and attach files from cloud apps like Box and Dropbox.
  3. VoIP Calls
    The app gives you two options for making outbound calls: RingOut, which will dial your cell phone number and route calls through your cell carrier; and VoIP, where a data connection is used instead. VoIP helps you save on cell minutes, and with the latest update to the RingCentral app, VoIP call quality has been improved.

photo1 (267x400) Are you using the RingCentral mobile app for your iOS or Android device? You can download it right here:


Originally published May 07, 2014, updated Aug 07, 2020

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