google integration

These days, there are so many amazing cloud apps to help businesses work better. But with new apps coming out all the time, how do you really know what’s best-in-class? Which apps will really help your business? Which apps can you trust, and which apps are compatible with the tools you’re already using? Then there’s the big question: Who really has the time to research every app that comes along?

Thank goodness for Google diligence. Google heard from its legions of Google for Work users that a main concern is finding additional business apps that are trustworthy and top quality. Google listened and decided to launch its “Recommended for Google for Apps for Work” program this month. This is where Google does all the hard work on our behalf, finding and testing new apps to see how closely they integrate with Google apps. Then asking third-party experts to vet the apps on security and trustworthiness. Only the apps that pass this vigorous process make it into the program.

RingCentral is one of the solutions that got a coveted slot in the Google charter list of recommended apps. RingCentral is a leader in business communications and chosen for its rich functionality, reliability, and seamless integration with so many Google for Work apps.

RingCentral puts the live communications we all depend on—calls, texting, video meetings, audio conferencing, etc.—directly into essential Google apps, like Google Hangouts™, Google Docs™, and Google Drive™, so you can correspond any way you like without having to switch to other apps.

If you’re curious about how RingCentral communications can enhance your work day, download the app from the Google Marketplace and experience it for yourself.