Hello_my_name_is_Glip-2 Names matter. I don’t often quote Dale Carnegie, but he was right when he said, “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” A salesperson who remembers your name is more likely to get the sale than one who calls you the wrong name or botches the pronunciation of it.

Product names matter, too. When we announced in June that Glip was becoming part of RingCentral, a surprising amount of the pushback we got from existing customers was on the idea that Glip would be renamed RingCentral Teams.

We heard you, and here’s the verdict: Glip will still be Glip. It will just be “Glip by RingCentral” (exact logo design and font sizing TBD).

What’s so great about the name? Aside from the fact that the domain glip.com was available, and we thought it sounded a little like the pop sound effect of a message coming in, we wanted glip to become a verb: as in “I’ll glip that to you” rather than “I’ll email you.” The Glip team would have been sad to lose the name, but until recently we didn’t know how much it had grown on our customers.

Of course, the RingCentral name is important, too, and we want everyone to know that Glip now has the backing of a public company with an impressive record in cloud voice and video. We still plan to make Glip team messaging and collaboration an integral part of the RingCentral Office user experience, an additional capability RingCentral customers will get for no additional charge. We want to make it easy as possible for Glip customers to add RingCentral services.

As I explained in my post on How Glip Will Thrive as Part of RingCentral, we want Glip to continue to win recognition on its own merits: as the best team messaging and collaboration platform, with integrated task management and other productivity tools. At the same time, we see that communications and collaboration are converging. Glip users who add RingCentral services – and RingCentral Office customers who will be getting Glip for free – will get a unified environment for team messaging, file sharing, organizing work, and real time voice and video conferencing.

Together, we will show you a better way to work. Names are important, but building great products matters even more.