Attendees at our recent RingCentral ConnectCentral user conference heard a lot about RingCentral Glip team messaging and its importance to the future of our cloud communication and collaboration platform.

Just as important as the shoutouts in the keynotes were the one-on-one demos Glip Product Manager Ted Jaffe gave to help customers understand how Glip can fit into their operations. We are sharing video of a couple of those briefings below. Thanks to Eugene Kelly, PC and network specialist and Paul Nelson, IT Director, from the City of Clovis, New Mexico, and Jim Pluth, VP of Tara Materials, for giving permission for us to share these video clips – and for asking such great questions.

For the uninitiated, RingCentral Glip is a team messaging and collaboration platform that includes file sharing, task management, team scheduling and other group productivity functions, as well as video chat and screen sharing. Glip is included with RingCentral Office, which adds the ability to make calls and start conference calls from within Glip.

While not all RingCentral Office users have turned on these features, what you see in the videos are customers beginning to understand the possibilities for improved productivity with Glip.