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Video: How RingCentral IT Uses Glip for Project Management

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Even though his company owns the product, RingCentral IT Director Fred Chin says he and his team had to learn from experience how to use it productively in their own work.

“I felt like it was pretty organic,” he says. “Our team used Glip for basic chat functionality in the beginning. Then we realized that the ability to create teams, add tasks, and organize those tasks into sections — as well as attach notes, images, and files — was a really good way for individuals to be owning their own projects and objectives,” he says.

Fred and the members of his department use Glip to define project teams and gather plans and documentation so “everything is in one place.” They map out steps in the project using Glip Tasks and further categorize those tasks into sections. For example, in the case of a global deployment of RingCentral Rooms to conference rooms around the company, all tasks were tracked through the same Glip team and organized into sections for individual office locations.

The video we are sharing below was originally created for internal use, to show others within RingCentral how to use Glip more productively in their own work.


Originally published Dec 01, 2016, updated Aug 07, 2020

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