Switching from a traditional PBX system to a cloud-based business phone system offers many advantages. But before you make the switch, you may need to get the boss and other stakeholders on board. Fortunately, making the case for VoIP is easy. There are plenty of ways that cloud communications can benefit your business, including cost savings, increased productivity, and more advanced features than the phone hardware you currently have.

PBX hardware is expensive, and up-front costs can be prohibitive. There are also the recurring fees for maintenance, upgrades, and training—all of which require specialized tech support. And then there’s the time involved (time is money after all).

A cloud-based business phone system is much more affordable than buying old-fashioned PBX equipment. Because you don’t own the equipment, you aren’t responsible for maintenance and upgrade costs. Pricing for cloud-based service is affordable and flexible, so you can easily scale your system as your needs change. RingCentral can be administered from mobile devices or a web interface, reducing the need for expensive specialized technical support and user training.

BYOD is also easier with a cloud-based phone system. RingCentral Mobile works on smartphones and tablets, allowing users to work from devices they already own. Flexible BYOD policies offer many benefits for business, not the least of which is reducing the need to purchase hardware.

Smart BYOD policies can also improve productivity, which also helps the bottom line. With RingCentral, your entire phone system is available on a mobile device. Users can call, text, and fax using their business numbers right from a mobile device. RingCentral integrates with corporate address books, so there’s no lost time duplicating information. For contacting customers and colleagues, Business SMS is a quick way to stay in touch using your business telephone number.

Traditional business phone systems are limited to calls and faxes. Cloud-based systems can offer additional features that are integrated across platforms. In addition to calling features, RingCentral offers advanced communication and collaboration options for working with customers as well as colleagues.

RingCentral Meetings is a full-featured HD video conferencing solution. Screen sharing and collaborative whiteboards are built in, and RingCentral Meetings integrates with cloud storage platforms, like Box and Dropbox, for easy document sharing. For teams, RingCentral Glip is a collaborative workspace. Messaging, to-dos, calendars, and file sharing are all available in one place. Glip enables teams to work smarter and communicate more easily, whether they’re all in the same office or scattered in multiple locations. Glip is integrated with the rest of RingCentral and is free for all RingCentral Office users.

Cloud-based phone systems are more affordable, more flexible, and more capable than their older hardware counterparts. When you’re ready to jump into the future of business communications, RingCentral has plans to fit businesses of all sizes.