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Get on the Path to Success: Start-Up Best Practices

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Who doesn’t love the start-up world? Every company out there that exists today was at one time a start-up. Since this week is National Entrepreneurship Week, I’m going to review a few different start-ups that I know and pass along the tips for success and best practices that they’ve shared with me.

Have Passion

Modify Watches: This is one of the hottest start-ups that I’ve had the chance of getting to know over the past year. Let’s be honest – they sell watches, it’s not that glamorous, but they’ve made it seem that way. They took something that we all wear on our wrist and made it into a growing passion for thousands of people in the world. It all started with passion. This would be my number one tip for you – find what you’re passionate about, and pursue it! Aaron, the founder of Modify Watches, has a true passion for what he’s doing and it’s evident in his company’s growing success.

You can see his passion in this video:

Technology vs. Common Sense If you’re going to try and compete in the world of online marketing, you need to have amazing technology behind your product. That’s certainly true of And Scott, the company’s founder, isn’t just tech-savvy: he also understands all the aspects of his business and is able to make sound decisions. Tech start-ups need cool technology that isn’t cloneable overnight. They also need leadership figures who can navigate the nitty-gritty details of running a business. Countless companies have failed because they lacked leaders who could execute on business decisions – but I don’t think will be one of them.

Find Your Vision

TareasPlus: You need to have vision when you’re starting your company. This company started with a vision to teach math to every person in South America and Spanish-speaking countries elsewhere in the world. It’s evolved into one of the biggest Spanish-language education sites in the world. TareasPlus is amazing and genuinely cares about making the world a better place. This element of mindfulness is essential to TareasPlus’ success. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I don’t know many companies without an amazing vision which have succeeded. Find your vision and you’ll be on your way.

Have The Right Partnership This is a start-up that I have personally been involved with from the beginning. The other founder, Zac Johnson, is an entrepreneur himself (he also happens to be a featured guest blogger for RingCentral). I couldn’t have hoped for a better partnership from Zac; he’s very easy to work with, and on this start-up we work well together.

Choosing the right partner is absolutely critical. For example, at one point in my career, the founder of a company which I was working with wanted me to partner with him formally. I decided not to do it because I wasn’t comfortable with the arrangement. Since that time, he has gone through three other co-founders – a red flag, if I’ve ever seen one!

Make sure that you find the right partner – it can mean the difference between success and failure.

To learn more about other success start-up founders, and hear their stories, check out Startup Grind. They organizes events, fireside chats, mixers and annual conferences, all of which provide ample opportunities to connect with amazing start-ups and the people behind them, tap into a support network, form meaningful connections and gain inspiration for your journey!

Originally published Feb 21, 2013, updated Sep 03, 2020

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