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How To Make a Lead Gen Form for Your Business


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In my last post, I talked about the importance of autoresponders and lists in building an online presence for your business. Now that you have done this, the next step is to establish a personalized message to put on your website. This will be the section where potential customers can fill in their names and email address information in order to receive whatever you are giving away for free (such as: an eBook, newsletter, advice, etc.), also referred to as a lead generation form or landing page. Check out a working example of a lead gen page here.

lead gen_small Generally, whoever is interested in your free eBook or gift on your website will most likely be interested in the product of service that you have to sell. In order to show this, I will continue to use ListWire in the examples, a free tool that can help boost your online business into a thriving company. On ListWire, you can use a “subscription form” so that people can subscribe to what you are selling. Follow the steps below to create your own customized subscription form for your website.

Step 1: Sign back into ListWire.

Be sure to use the same username and password that you used to set up your autoresponder.

Step 2: Click on “prospects” in the tabs section, then go to the “subscription form” category below it.


Step 3: Click on “click here to add a web form”.


Step 4: Name your “giveaway” and link to it.

Put in a name for your web forum that only you will see. I recommend something associated with your giveaway, so that if you have additional giveaways in the future you know which form leads to appropriate content. For example, if you are giving away two different eBooks put the titles of each one in the “name” field, this will help keep everything organized further down the line.

Next, connect a URL to it; this will be the direct link to where your free content lives on your website. This is also how your reader will receive the gift that you are offering. It is necessary to make sure that the URL is correct and in the right format. Click on “Next Page.”


Step 5: Personalize your web form. 

In the “content” section of the page, click to make your web form personalized. You should have this resemble your standard lead gen form, so that you get all the necessary information you want about a potential customer. For example, name, email address, location (zip code), company name, and even company size can all be important factors you may want to know about the potential prospect requesting free content from your website.

At this point you will also be able to add anything else you feel will be a value add about your gift. You can add a message informing your prospect you will contact him or her with additional information about your product or service, give a brief description of what the eBook/gift will entail, or simply write “click here to claim your gift”. You can make this as personalized as you want to captivate your audience, so take advantage of it! Once you’re done, make sure to save your forum.


Step 6: Generate the custom code for your website.

Once you have personalized your form it is now ready to be added to your company’s website. In order to do so you will need to click on the “get code” button. This will automatically general the HTML and/or java script code necessary for your website.


Step 7: Select the appropriate code for your website. 

At this step in the process you will be presented with two different code options, HTML and java. For most websites, you will only need to copy the simple javascript code (highlighted in the example below) and paste it directly into your website. When doing so, be sure to paste it directly into the section where you would like it to appear to viewers coming to your site. Put this somewhere near the top, if possible, so it is visible and easily catches viewers attention. (Please note, those who are comfortable coding and/or have a website which runs on HTML code will need to use the HTML generated code.)


Once the code has been added to your website you should test it to ensure that everything appears the way you had anticipated. This will also allow you to test to make sure that the user is directed to the appropriate piece of content they are requesting.

subscription form

Now, not only have you made an autoresponder for your business, you’ve also made a personalized message for your website for potential customers to click on. This means that as new users fill in the form, a list of these names and emails will manifest on ListWire.

Step 8: Check information gathered by your new subscription form.

You can check the list of people who sign up for your free gift as often as you would like. Do this by going back to the “prospects” tab, clicking on the “search” category, and then scrolling down to see people who have downloaded your free gift.


With this information, it will be easy to create more messages that cater to your potential customers. You can also choose to send out newsletters and updates about your company. Best of all, you have a better understanding of your followers and can cater your content accordingly!


Originally published Jul 31, 2014, updated Aug 12, 2020

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