With Facebook changes already popping up it’s time to start getting proactive. Facebook has changed over the years but the latest updates will be the most significant since the popular social network’s inception; this video from Facebook’s YouTube channel shows what changes you can expect to see.

To help you stay ahead of the game we’ve compiled five key ways to prepare your businesses for the recent Facebook changes:

1) Educate Yourself: Set up Google Alerts and read as much as you can about the latest Facebook changes. Don’t get all your information from one source. There are varying opinions and approaches and it’s essential you figure out what will work best for your business. Here are a few Google Alert suggestions:

  • Facebook News Feed
  • Facebook Updates
  • Facebook Pages

2) Focus on Visuals: One of the most significant Facebook News Feed changes has to do with visuals. Images and videos will play a major role on the new Facebook! Users will have the option to toggle between different feeds, one being a photo only feed. This means posts that contain images will publish on both the “regular” news feed and “photo” news feed, thus significantly increasing visibility of posts containing images. Here are a few suggestions for how to incorporate more visuals into your posts:

3) Integrate Your Facebook & Pinterest Accounts: Another big change you’ll notice is a greater integration with third-party apps, especially Pinterest. Because Pinterest content is centered around images this new approach makes a lot of sense. If you don’t already have a business Pinterest account be sure to create one soon, start pinning and get familiar with the platform. Check out the RingCentral Pinterest page for business success tips, tech news and trends, social media advice, and much more.

pinterest boards

4) Monitor Other Pages: Watch how other businesses react to the newest Facebook changes. Pay close attention to Facebook Page covers, posts with images and creative approaches to engaging communities. Over the next month you’ll see a lot of businesses scrambling to stay ahead of the game. Take advantage of this opportunity and pay close attention!

5) Have a Strategy: The many changes to Facebook will require a shift in social strategy. Take the time to rethink your entire social strategy. Have a clear understanding of how each of your social networks work together and compliment each other. Whatever your strategy may be it must include specific goals and tactics for gathering visual content.

What steps are you taking in preparation for Facebook’s new look?