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Friday Five: 5 Ways Business Can Leverage Vine

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January 24, 2013 marked the emergence of Twitter’s new app, Vine “a new way to share video”. It’s been just two weeks since the release and Vine’s already captured the world’s attention.  Similar in concept to Instagram, Vine provides a community for people to share moments of their daily lives through bite-sized video content. As with the many social services and apps before it, Vine offers businesses unique opportunities to increase brand awareness, connect, and engage on a deeper level. So how can businesses leverage a six second video clip? Here are our five suggestions for how businesses can benefit from the full potential of Vine.

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1) Mini Advertisements: The most obvious way to leverage Vine is through mini advertisements. While six seconds may seem a bit short, a lot can be accomplished with a little imagination. Additionally, Vine videos run in loops, extending potential viewing time way beyond the initial six seconds.

Creating an effective Vine advertisement requires a bit of creativity.  Vine ads should not resemble traditional ones. Instead businesses would be wise to first consider their target audience, then craft a branded video with the purpose of capturing viewers attention.  In order for mini advertisements to truly succeed they must also motivate viewers to engage. Videos that receive likes, comments and are shared will enjoy an increased reach.

To get an idea of how some businesses are already using Vine to create mini advertisements check out these 15 brands.

2) Search Engine Opportunities: Directly connected to Twitter, Vine offers a plethora of opportunities for increased search engine optimization (SEO).  Tweets have been appearing in search results for several years now. Since Vine is owned and supported by Twitter, videos posted to the app will appear in relevant search engine results.  Additionally, Vine supports search within the application, making the use of hashtags and keyword placement valuable.

3) Enhance Twitter: Twitter was first introduced in 2006 and over the past seven years has grown in popularity, added bells and whistles and fused with traditional marketing. Now, with the announcement of Vine, there are even more opportunities to leverage Twitter. Behind the scenes, major announcements and contests come to life with the use of video.

In addition to breathing life into your businesses tweets, Vine opens the doors for increased user generated video content. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have struggle to motivate their communities to create and upload video. Vine makes video creation and sharing easy and fun. This could be the answer businesses have been looking for when it comes to incentivising communities to create and share video content via social platforms.

4) It’s New: Early adopters of successful platforms, apps, and services generally reap the most benefits. However, the occasion to be an early adopter is far and few between. Being just two weeks old and creating enormous buzz already, Vine could be the perfect opportunity for a business to leverage early adoption. While there’s no guarantee Vine will survive there’s certainly enough potential to make it worth the time to invest.

5) Potential to “Go Viral”: Vine is by no means the first attempt at short, shareable videos. However, Twitter’s ownership and support of the app, iTunes selection of Vine as Editors Choice to download, and the enormous amount of media coverage over the past weeks leads us to believe Vine isn’t going away anytime soon.

As Vine’s popularity and membership grows the likelihood of creating a viral video also increases. Highly shareable and easy to consume content will always make for the most likely to gain viral status.  Businesses looking to build awareness, drive traffic to websites, and increase sales should be extremely interested in any platform, app or service that can help them reach viral status.

Even though Vine is still young and it’s future unclear, keep in mind the skepticism and uncertainty surrounding the now hugely popular Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter networks! Social media continues to grow and change. With each change comes new opportunities for businesses to stand out from the rest, be creative and connect. If you do nothing else, take the time to learn about Vine and how your businesses might find success with the right approach.

Originally published Feb 08, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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