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Friday Five: 5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Small Business

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Mobile devices have changed the way that work gets done. Now, we no longer work exclusively at desks in offices. We also work on tablets in coffee shops or from mobile phones on the bus. Standing in line at the grocery store? Fire off a few quick email replies. Waiting for your flight to board? You’ve got plenty of time to look at last month’s sales numbers. Wherever you do business, the right mobile apps can help your business thrive. These are some of our favorite mobile apps for minding the store from nearly anywhere.

1) RingCentral Mobile

Using RingCentral Mobile, you can take your entire business phone system with you anywhere. RingCentral enables you to use all the features of your desk phone as well as Business SMS directly from your mobile device. The experience is unified, incorporating calls, voicemails, texts, and faxes into a single interface. You can even update settings in your RingCentral account and change call routing options on the fly, right from the mobile app. RingCentral Mobile offers the power of your business phone system and the flexibility to use it from any mobile device.

2) Square

For payment processing, Square is anything but. The newest Square reader works with all cards, including credit cards with chips in them, as well as contactless payment systems from Apple, Android, and Samsung. If your business accepts payments, you should have Square on your mobile device. Square’s pricing is straightforward and there are no minimums or monthly fees, making it the perfect payment solution for small businesses that need to control costs. Check out more benefits mobile payments can bring your customers here.

3) MailChimp

Email marketing doesn’t have to be a chore. MailChimp simplifies the process of staying in touch with your customers, offering everything from well-designed templates to automation tools to ensure that your emails get to the right people at the right time. You can access advanced analytics from anywhere using MailChimp’s mobile app, and MailChimp integrates with hundreds of apps and web services out of the box.

4) Harvest

If you bill by the hour, Harvest simplifies time and expense tracking and invoicing. Harvest offers built-in reports and allows you to quickly analyze time data by project, staff, client, or specific tasks. Harvest also integrates with RingCentral Glip for easy time tracking within our team collaboration and messaging workspace.

5) TripIt

Managing travel plans can be a hassle, but TripIt consolidates all of your travel information into a single app. No more fumbling around trying to find hotel confirmation numbers or airline information. TripIt even creates a customized calendar feed that you can subscribe to that automatically monitors your travel plans and adds them to your calendar. The best part is that TripIt is entirely automatic. All you have to do is forward your travel-related emails to TripIt, and the app automatically recognizes relevant details like flight times, ticket numbers, and destinations. It’s the simplest way we’ve found to keep track of travel itineraries. Travel frequently for business? Check out these five indispensable apps every savvy business travel needs.

What other business apps do you enjoy using?

Originally published Feb 03, 2017, updated Aug 07, 2020

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