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Hashtags have gained popularity over the years, especially on the popular social network Twitter. Hashtags increase searchability and allow people to easily find and share information. However, hashtags can be overused – and therefore difficult to capitalize on. Today’s Friday Five will help cut through the noise by sharing five key hashtags that every business should know, follow and actively use.

1) #Business

If you work in a business of any kind, the simple hashtag #Business is a must-follow. Thought leaders, journalists, media outlets and companies use #Business when sending out tweets related to all things business, including article links, quotes and advice. Here are a few great tweets that can be found when searching #Business:


When sending out your own business-related tweets, always include #Business. This way, people who are looking for business news will find your content quickly and easily.

2) #Startup

For organizations looking for guidance, strategies and tactics, #Startup is an extremely useful hashtag. Today, information is widely available – but finding the best information can be difficult. If you’re considering launching a business or have already started one, seek out businesses and thought leaders who are willing to share their insight by following and using #Startup:


3) #Entrepreneurs

Are you a free thinker looking to escape the drudgery of the 9-to-5? Whether you’re hoping to build a startup, write a book or begin freelancing, the #Entrepreneurs hashtag will make your journey an easier one. Every day, dozens upon dozens of useful tweets are sent out with #Entrepreneurs appended. You can find on-point articles, inspirational quotes and practical advice:


If you’re hoping to establish yourself and/or your company as a thought leader, use #Entrepreneurs when sharing links, quotes and advice geared towards this group.

4) #Motivation

Motivation is key for every business, and that’s why #Motivation has made it onto today’s list. As a business owner, entrepreneur or leader, motivating yourself and team can have a huge impact on productivity and end results. When you or your team need a boost, turn to #Motivation to get inspired:


5) #SocialMedia

Social media plays an increasingly important role in the business world. For marketing, recruiting and customer service, social platforms can be hugely beneficial (not to mention cost-effective!). To keep up with social media’s constantly changing rules and stay on track with your social implementation strategy, use the #SocialMedia hashtag to find content like this:


In addition to uncovering useful articles, advice and tips, #SocialMedia can alert you to relevant chats and interviews.


Hashtags can be used on an assortment of social platforms, including Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. When used correctly, hashtags allow you to discover relevant information and be discoverable by the right audience. Keep an eye on RingCentral’s own Twitter accounts – @RingCentral and @RingCentralCare – to see the kinds of hashtags we use!

What hashtags have you found useful? Tell us in the comments below.

Originally published May 03, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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