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Failsafe Fencing: 2016 Cloud Office Games

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Aug 16, 2016

8. Failsafe fencing Welcome to a swashbuckling day in the 2016 Cloud Office Games. We’re in for a showing of real mastery and showmanship today with the Failsafe Fencing tournament. All the competitors will have to have a keen eye and sharp reflexes today if they are going to reach the final, and be crowned champion.

The Challenge

93% of businesses that experience a data disaster without a recovery plan are out of business within one year. It’s not just big disasters either; small events can have a large impact. The challenge is to ensure your communication system can handle any issue that arises and maintain a professional service no matter the problem.

Winning Tactics

There are several points to look out for that will get the judges scoring accordingly, so let’s have a look at the key ones:

1) Be On Guard: There are new cyber threats all the time and data security is more paramount now than ever before. In the modern arena, defence systems need constant updates, which can be at great expense. However, more modern cloud-based competitors need not worry, as their defences are automatically updated without any significant outreach or cost. That peace of mind allows them to focus on attacking their business objectives.

2) Continuity: If disaster strikes in one data centre location, they are ready to instantly switch to another and continue competing with no disruption. It’s rare to see that kind of advanced continuity with more traditional competitors.

3) Fight anywhere: We’re actually being informed now that some of our competitors have failed to show up due to bad weather and travel chaos. No such disruptions have got in the way of our current cloud-based fencer. Because they can access their entire communications armoury via the Internet, nothing will stop their ability to compete for business.

The Outcome

Make no mistake; this is a business battlefield where those that aren’t able to resume operations within ten days of a disaster impact are not likely to survive.

The agility and flexibility of the cloud-based competitor makes it a clear winner. No other competitor in the field boasts the ability to defend constantly from wave after wave of issues as well as keeping systems constantly updated and working – a deserved champion.

Are you ready to compete in the 2016 Cloud Office Games? RingCentral is helping you get one up on the competition with a free 30-day trial of our cloud phone solution. Anyone that signs up for a free trial in the UK in the month of August will receive a very limited edition Cloud Office Games mug!

Note: Cloud Office Game mugs are only applicable to RingCentral UK accounts.


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