agile crm integration

“You don’t understand: We’re small, and my customers are the lifeblood of my business. I can’t afford to miss a call. I need it to work.”

The number of times I heard this sentiment from someone considering RingCentral while I was selling to small businesses is too great to count. “I need it to work, too. It’s how I pay my student loans,” I’d reply. Hearing this, they’d concede that my money was also on the line with our product, and the conversation would continue from there.

The vision with Agile CRM for RingCentral is for our customers to be able to have it all. To not have to skimp on the features they want to run their businesses because of cost. To be able to increase top-line performance through the additional productivity made possible with integrated technologies. Working with a provider whose solutions are at a price point that a small business owner can afford is a natural pairing with our all-inclusive pricing model.

Expanding technology options for small businesses

Agile CRM serves the specific technology needs of small businesses, making them a great partner for the benefit of many of our customers. RingCentral is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader serving multinational enterprise customers, but given that we have over 350,000 business customers, we’re also experts in providing communications to the SMB. I know this because selling RingCentral to SOHO customers (small office, home office) is how I could put a down-payment on my house. Every additional partner-built integration is another option for our customers and another opportunity for success.

Platforms enable customer-centric partnerships

This integration was made possible because RingCentral has an open platform with full API documentation, SDKs, and developer support. As opposed to building integrations for each and every solution provider, we understand that partners like Agile are experts in their space and the most adept at creating meaningful technologies for their customer base.

Agile is aligned with RingCentral in our understanding that the goal is to work harmoniously with other solutions in a customer’s technology stack. The value of integrations may have been proven among our enterprise customers, but I’m excited to see our small business customers also reap the rewards of next-generation technologies with Agile CRM and RingCentral.