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Cloud computing is revamping entire industries – and telecommunications is no exception. Compared to the legacy phone systems they’re designed to replace, cloud phone services like RingCentral are easier to access, more mobile-friendly and better able to bring virtual workforces together. How do RingCentral Office’s features improve accessibility, mobility and unity for businesses? Read on:

1) Accessibility

Cloud-based telephony has completely revolutionized the standard business phone system. Not only has it changed the way we do business, cloud telephony has changed the way we think about and access the business phone system.

What used to take days or weeks can now be accomplished in minutes with services like RingCentral Office. For example, when a new hire is brought on board, a new phone line can be set up online in a few simple steps. And the best part? Anyone can log in to the RingCentral account interface and add a user.

With interactive videos and settings that can be customized by individual employees, the business phone system is more accessible than ever.

2) Mobility

An employee being chained to his/her desk awaiting that next phone call is a thing of the past. With cloud telephony and mobile integration, professionals like real estate agents, salespeople and business owners can now take calls anywhere.

With RingCentral’s mobile application and advanced call routing, employees can be on-site or working from home and still receive calls. And callers will never have the slightest indication that those whom they contact are not in fact sitting at their desk.

3) Unity

With cloud telephony also comes unified communications. There is no longer a need for three separate phone numbers – now, just one suffices for a person’s desk, mobile and fax.

In addition, platforms like RingCentral allow users to place calls without ever disclosing their personal cell phone number. All the customer will ever see is the employee’s office phone number.

And features like Business SMS make it possible to communicate via text message. Whether it is securing a quote from a car salesperson or placing a take-out order at Applebee’s, cloud telephony services allow all avenues of communication to be utilized and accessed with just one number.

What’s your favorite RingCentral feature? Share it with us below!